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FORNET a Web Agency with soundexperience in the new technology field and a strong innovation culture.
3hindia offers an innovative home cleaning and sanitizing services, using proven, state-of-the-art technology to assist you in winning the battle against dust mites & allergies. 3hindia also provides sofa, pillow, mattress & curtain cleaning services with offices in Mumbai & Delhi. 
The Vinelist. Jamaica’s first Social Commerce platform. Reinvent the way you shop locally. Post the products you want to buy and be connected to the local stores around you who has that product. No more trying to find the right store. Now the right stores come to you.
Empowering management with analytics to reduce significant loss in sales by automating the merchandising process
Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
We are a digital technology agency that provides digital services to SMEs. We have created several products for fashion, education and sports. At STEP we are introducing Tyaby, and iWatched platforms.
Idea development
1000Mabrouk is an online wedding community for Engaged Couples Wedding Vendors to connect with each other.
Fashion & Beauty
A Social commerce platform that will bring people together for a purpose, it's empowering, inspiring, fun and entertaining. Our platform will bring the missing values of online shopping, and shoppers will once again enjoy their experience as they use to be in real life.
E-commerce, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Retail, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship
Idea development
Restaurants and hotels can use this platform to create a real time offer to attract customers to their store during non-peak hours and put flash sale for their unsold items. Merchant has to give at least 30% off or more! Every deal on 11Hour is the best possible deal that a merchant can offer.
Travel and Tourism, Food & Dining
Prototype testing, SEED
Cloud based (SaaS) HR system configured as per the GCC Labour Law. It is the one-stop Platform for all your HR Functionalities and activities. Designed for maximum efficiency and cost benefits for SMEs, our System distinguishes itself from other HR Platforms as it is developed by HR exeprts.
HR & Recruitment
Launch, SEED
1Sheeld is an open-source platform that turns your smartphone into any Arduino Shield allowing you to use your smart phones as input or output for Arduino.
A social network specialized in gossip, confession, rumor and more!
Network & Community, Productivity apps
20 Uses is an integrated marketing communication agency that provides everything related to marketing, from planning and strategy setting to campaign and event management, all the way to performance measurement and evaluation.
Advertising and Marketing, Consumer Services, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Creative, Network & Community, Professional/Corporate Services